Get Your Healthiest to
Live the Life You
Were Meant To!

Based on my Amazon Best-selling book, Everyday Healing: Stand Up, Take Charge and Get Your Health Back, the Find Your Path to Health online training program will provide you with the steps, accountability and motivation I used to find my own path to health and go from being bed-ridden for six years to running miles and running a business.

Having found my path to health, I’ve helped hundreds of 
others to get healthy through my courses, workshops, 
book and coaching.

I want a healthier future for you, too!

- Janette

How Would You
Like to Get Healthier?

Would you like to lose weight or get more fit, and could use some help to stick to your eating and exercise plan?

Are you looking for
a treatment for your
health condition and
sometimes wonder if
you'll ever find a cure?

Do you feel alone in your efforts to get healthier and would like some support to stick with it? 

With This 6-Week Online Training
Program, You Will Learn:

• How to create a plan for achieving your optimal health.
• How to effectively research healing options for your health goals.

• Three steps to climb back on the wagon when you fall off.

• The keys to routinizing healthy habits so they happen every day.

• The differences between intending to get healthy and committing to it.

• Four steps to create an effective support team.

• How to get the most out of medical appointments.

• How to track symptoms, food intake, weight and other
data to measure and celebrate success.
Three keys to putting healthier eating, sleeping
and exercising within your reach.

• How to organize your home to support your health.

• How to use effective tools for handling the tough emotions that
can derail our best, healthy intentions every day.

You’ll get the following each week: 

• Live, Interactive, Online 60-minute Training

• Live, Interactive, Online 30-Minute Q&A Session   
Motivational messages and great links in your inbox 
Workbook with exercises to integrate what you are learning

• Ongoing accountability

Course Overview:

Week 1.
Take Charge

Accept the full reality of your health challenge, make healing a top priority, and become the CEO of your health care team.

This week you’ll: 
• Clarify long and short-term health goals.
• Identify and address obstacles to committing to  your best health
• Learn how to milk your suffering for all its life lesson possible and become  . . . a bad-ass.  


Week 4.

Build a strong support team and enrich all your  relationships in the process. 

This week you'll: 
• Learn 10 ways your support team can help you stay motivated
and consistent in your self-care.
• Learn four steps to build a fabulous support  team.
• Begin to assemble a plan for creating your support team
(even if it starts with one person.) 

Week 2.
Nurture Your Heart

Explore tools to address the tough emotions that can de-rail your healing efforts.  

This week you’ll: 
• Explore how emotions can override the rational mind to make sticking to your self-care goals difficult. 
• Learn two invaluable tools to manage tough emotions and put your rational mind back in charge.
• Set up routines to use those tools on a daily basis and develop a more even-keeled and effective approach to your health. 


Week 5. 
Create Order

Use organizing principles to establish systems that support your healing work.

This week you’ll:
• Explore how your beliefs about being organized may be obstacles to getting your healthiest.
• Learn a four-step home organizing plan to clear the path for healthy habits in your kitchen and bedroom.
• Use a three-step process to routinize healthy habits like early bedtime or a healing breakfast. 

Week 3. 

Adopt a fiercely confident attitude about yourself, your life, and your ability to achieve your optimal health.

This week you’ll:
• Learn how optimism can improve your health.
• Build your optimism muscles to harness that power.
• Learn tools to use your imagination to motivate you when your healing work gets hard.
• Begin to identify and let go of whatever stops you from believing in a better future.


Week 6.
Keep it Going

Create a personalized plan to continue to explore and adopt these practices to move your health forward. 

This week you’ll: 
• Choose your next short-term goals.
• Set up systems to track your progress.
• Set up accountability and support structures to keep you motivated and on-target. 

Are You Ready to
Change Your Life? 

With all of the bonuses (see below!), personal consulting  with me,
and weekly classes chock full of information, 
this 6-week program is worth at least $1,000.

However, I want to make it accessible to everyone!

Only $297

6-Week Online
Training Program

Oct. 6 - Nov. 10, 2016

Thursdays 12-1 pm ET

What Participants Are Saying
About the Course

I have Type II Diabetes, and since this group, I’ve lowered
my blood sugar from 8.9 to 7.4, which I haven’t
been able to do before. Overall, I feel so much
more optimistic and motivated.


I have suffered my whole life with chronic bowel disease.  
With Janette's help, today I have more energy, l
ess pain and more emotional and mental clarity 
than I have had in 20 years.  


Working with Janette has enabled me to gain a grasp
not only on the many practical steps involved in reaching
my diabetic health goals, but also empowered me to become
the whole person I am meant to be.  


Janette's course was exactly what I needed to get back on track
with my health issue.  The information was thought-provoking without 
being overwhelming and inspirational without being preachy.  
Her weekly assignments helped me focus my efforts effectively. 
 I don't impress easily, especially in this arena. But, Janette earned 
my respect and I have been singing her praises to everyone I know!


Some Great Bonuses for You

I don’t want this to just be six online classes that you take, get jazzed
about, and then forget. I want this to change your life.

So, to help you get the most out of the course, you also get the following
6 bonuses to make it a full-on transformative experience:


  • Weekly Q&A Session
    After every weekly live session for the training course, I will offer an extra 30 minutes Q&A session every week where you, the participants, can ask me whatever you want at the end of each weekly training.
  • Private Consult with Janette
    Scheduled at your convenience, this session will be an opportunity to dive deep and explore how you can commit more deeply to your health, make the most of the course, and move towards your healing goals.
  • Interactive Workbooks
    Each week, before the online class begins, you’ll receive a workbook for the week with reflection exercises, notes and tools so that you’ll be equipped to take action on that week’s topic.
  • Access to Facebook Group & Weekly E-Mails
    This is a fantastic place to share questions, ideas, successes and challenges with your fellow participants and with me. Also,
    Each week, I’ll send you an email mid-week that is full of links to inspire and inform you and help you stay on track as you work on that week’s topic.
  • Accountability Partnership
    If you would like me to (and I cannot recommend this enough!) I will help you set up an accountability partnership with another program participant and provide a structured guide to help you and your partner check in by phone or skype each week. Of course, the results of this powerful tool depend on you and your partner.
  • FREE Copy of Janette's Amazon Best-Selling Book, Everyday Healing
    When you sign up for my training course, you will recieve a free, signed, copy of my Amazon Best-Selling book "Everyday Healing: Stand Up, Take Charge, and Get Your Health Back... One Day at a Time."